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Anonymous said...

Here is sequel/plot for an ep 17,18,19,20 final

The body/soul switches each right place.
The 2 brothers forget everything after accident
two brothers got closed and formed a real bond.
YJ still remembers his feeling for D, but put priority building bond with KKJ
Parents doing their best to put KKJ first, with the help and encouragement fron YJ, KKJ cunningly gives them hard time, and grow loving them
Gil teacher feeling for YJ is slowly back, and stronger everyday
KKJ still teases around Gil teacher, and tries to gets her to marry his brother. He likes her but doesn't love her (let's discourage an adult TEACHER and a minor STUDENT relashioniship as it is morally wrong!)
KKJ falls for a girl of his age, whose feelings is mutual.
Mari gets with Gil'teacher's brother
YJ and D(Gil Teacher) finally get married!! To the hapiness of KKJ who dislikes doctor S.

Please forward this to the writer,

Anonymous from California (I'm not Asian)

Anonymous said...

The writers of BIG had created such a beautiful and great drama (for the initial 15 episodes) with great actors and actresses. BUT in the end, they had destroyed it with episode 16. So disappointing and horrible ending....they should do some damage control to win back viewers' heart.

Anonymous said...

yahhhh, tq for the subs....

and yessss, i agree with the above comments...! we all need a better happy ending, dont we? we deserve it....!!!

ive been waiting each week for new episodes but the ending is arrrrrrghhhh quite not satisfyingggg...

sequels, please...

oh btw, firstly, it was fashion king, then rooftop prince, now BIG... pleaseeeee, we need better endings to these lovely dramassss....!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for uploading and subbing for worldwide viewers (I am from Switzerland).

Absolutely agree with above constructive comments. Wish that KBS listens to our requests and comments. I saw so many disappointing comments (on episode 16) in other sites too. Why do they have to end such a great drama in a hurry??...rushing for time? Actors, actresses and crew burt out? No time slot? We are from far away countries falling in love with beautiful Korean dramas like BIG. Please don't disappoint us...KBS!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with all of this,
While i was watching the last part of ep 16, i was like.. what no? I dont get it.. -watched it again-
Is this it? 0.o
Its not fair D;

Anonymous said...

the ending is sucks!!!!! i guessed the writer is running of idea. Terrible!!! Such a disappointment!

Anonymous said...

another version of ep 15 n 16 :

as the brothers will have no inkling whatsoever of what happened AFTER the accident when they wake up, knowing this, KKJ insists that Da Ran shouldnt let YJae go. this way, she would still get to see both YJae and KKJ.

YJae still loves her, and knowing he did her wrong in the past, starts to woo and treat her really2 well (by the help of his now beloved brother KKJ ~ further more, we really want to see more of that kid, Shin Won Ho, right? :D)

Da Ran falls for YJae, again, but always have a soft spot for KKJ however bad he treats her, which confused both YJae and KKJ.. both brothers sometimes fought for her attention!(the fantastic Hong sisters could weave interesting scenes to portray this.. :))

in the end, all well that ends well.. both brothers happy, Ma Ri and Choong Sik happy, the rest are happy and most importantly, Da Ran is happy tooooooo....!


Aunty S (Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

hey, what a lousy ending! Why is KKJ coming back as in the body of YJae? What happened after they switched? And why one year later? No proper closure for viewers. Super disappointing.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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